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SurgeTech 2020
ST-POE-1000 Outdoor Cat 5/5e POE Data Line Surge Protector The ST-POE-1000 is an outdoor ethernet surge protector designed to protect sensitive data equipment connected to a power over ethernet network from transient overvoltages. The surge protector is capable of data transmission speeds up to 1000 Mbp/s and is equipped with shielded RJ45 connectors. The dual surge protection circuit consists of high energy gas tubes and sharp clamping silicon avalanche diodes to guarantee a fast response to incoming transients. The ST-POE-1000 combination of efficiency, simplicity of installation, and superior surge protection makes it the clear choice when protecting data line networks.
APPLICATIONS Prevents surge damage to POE systems WISP Networks Powered Ethernet Security Networks
FEATURES: 40,000 amps surge suppression (total) 1000 mbp/s data rate Shielded RJ45 Connectors
Extra Large IP65 Case Fully dust tight and complete protection against solid objects. Tested to withstand water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle.